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As a licensed and practicing Esthetician, I have never seen anything as safe and effective as Nerium's products.  I was introduced to Nerium when it was just a skin-care company with just 1 product.  For a cosmetic product to be marketable, it must provide a 2% to 5% improvement in the skin in 30 days.  With Nerium AD the improvements were an average of 30% to 60%, in just 30 days!  Naturally, I joined Nerium as a Brand Partner.  We now have 3 products for the skin that produce results that have never been seen before.  However, the EHT supplement for BRAIN health has improved my mental focus, energy, mood, immune system and therefore my quality of life.  My children and my husband are enjoying the benefits from taking it, too.  Learning more about brain health has become a new passion for me. As we age, reversing the aging process of our brains can give us the edge we need in life and in our businesses.


"Nerium International offers exclusive products, with age-defying ingredients that you can't find anywhere else.  These leads to unprecedented results.  Nerium observes the best of nature to find cosmetic skin-care application and supplements that mimic natural age-fighting mechanisms.  Our nature-based approach provides innovative solutions that produce exceptional results."


In Steamboat we learn to, "spin many plates" or "wear many hats".  Especially if we are mothers working to contribute to our family's financial needs.  Nerium's record breaking success has provided an extra income for me in my very spare time.  Plus they pay for me to drive a safe, luxury vehicle. A safe vehicle is very important when driving in Steamboat winters, and to have one provided for me is a huge benefit.  As our exclusive product line expands into global markets, my residual income improves my family's lifestyle, as well.  The anti-aging market is projected to grow into a $1trillion industry by the year 2020.  If you can relate to our motto, "Make People Better" then you may want to add Nerium International to your portfolio, too.  Whether you become a Nerium Preferred Customer, Retail Customer or Brand Partner, you can be a part of history in the making!


Erin Havel

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